Saturday, December 02, 2006

Navigators Christmas Party

The Navigators' yearly Christmas (I realize the redundancy here) party was this evening. I attended because I wanted to go. There was food, which was a good thing, and after that we did a gigantic white elephant gig. Because there were 76 of us (at least) participating. And this isn't counting the few who left early.

Which leads us to the problem. There were almost 80 people in the same (smallish) house. Although 80 people crammed into any house is too much. Actually, to further the situation. There were 80 of us in TWO ROOMS. Packed.

I do not like crowds. Especially when everyone starts talking at once. About forty-five minutes before I left, I felt myself growing nervous, so I had to withdraw myself. I'm used to it by now though, so it's not really that big a deal. I did have to check my breathing, though. I was on the verge of hyperventilating.

Yes, that is Luke for you. I can see his problem, but not nearly so much as he. (Heh...almost a rhyme.) Me, I will take care of those who start frustrating me like that. You can read that as you wish. Perhaps you are correct, perhaps not.

Ah. But he did say there were 80 humans. They were humans, right? Thought so. That would be far too uncomfortable for my liking. Someone would need to be there to keep me from reaching for my preferred weapon, which I will not mention here so as to maintain the sense of mystery. Although I would not be surprised if it is too late for that and my secrets have all been discovered by now.



Julius Scipio said...

You REALLY don't like crowds, huh Luke? :p

jesusfreak said...

Don't like crowds... what did you ever do at the Atlanta party? =P